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Reviewing the Laws


A lawyer is both an advocate and a counselor.  Growing up as the oldest of four brothers, and having been the best man at five weddings, Mr. Dickstein understands how to support individuals in their most important moments.  The same concepts apply in court.  Show the real person.  Confront bullies.  Help others see the truth.  That is a big part of being a trial lawyer.  There is even more to it though.  As a counselor, Mr. Dickstein is comfortable getting to the heart of the matter with his client and facing the hard realities together.  The legal system requires parties to make important, difficult choices.  Lawyers and clients must work together to identify core interests.  Sometimes it feels tempting just to think on the level of superficial goals.  “I have to get this specific result!”  But the legal system rewards reasonableness, not stubbornness.  To win, it is important to demand fairness, but to be ready to accept when the right solution is at hand.  Winning means defining and achieving what you really need.

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