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The government is very quick to judge when a “sex crime victim” comes forward.  When the accuser contacts police, that “victim” controls the narrative.  The police listen carefully and wonder if the accusation is true, but the police have no way to know if they are being misled.  Unless, that is, if the accused person communicates with police.  Usually it is ACTUALLY a good idea for the accused person to do that — but only through a lawyer. Dickstein law assists clients to communicate proactively with law enforcement to help the police get their investigations right — from the start. Police officers are street smart. The police know liars might be making things up.  But how can they figure that out without help from the defense?  Mr. Dickstein is straightforward and cooperative with officers and shows the good, bad, and the ugly about what is really going on.  Officers respect that.  Police work closely with Mr. Dickstein, a former prosecutor, to get the whole picture so that charges are not filed unless entirely appropriate.

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