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The core freedom we have is to express ourselves — to be ourselves.  That is why the First Amendment comes first in the Bill of Rights.  These days, that core freedom is under attack, though: from government, from individuals and groups, and especially from Big Tech.  Mr. Dickstein is an active member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association, a selective national organization of lawyers who network together to keep our core right alive and well.  This means defending people with unpopular views, and it means going up against the most powerful entities in our society.  Mr. Dickstein is a true civil rights lawyer.  He has been standing up for these rights since law school.  He has represented all sorts of people, from the ones society loves to the ones society despises.  The truth is, our rights depend on treating everyone  according to the same principles regardless of whether we as individuals happen to love or hate their ideas.  Now is a key moment to commit ourselves to our core liberty.  Expression is part of all legal cases.  Law itself is the intersection of language and power.  Mr. Dickstein incorporates this insight into his legal representation for all clients.  He makes certain his clients’ rights are fully and forcefully expressed. 

First Amendment Lawyers Association
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