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Civil Injunctions: A Guide for Florida Residents from Dickstein Law Firm

Updated: May 15, 2023

Civil Injunctions Lawyer in Tampa

The right to reside in your home, the right to associate and express yourself freely, we sometimes take these things for granted.

Civil injunctions in Tampa can result in individuals having their liberties legally taken away by the court. In situations where individuals' liberties are at risk of being taken away by courts due to accusations of harassment, stalking, or domestic violence, it is important to seek aggressive legal representation from a Law firm in Tampa or Lawyers in Tampa specializing in such cases.

Dickstein Law in Tampa provides investigation services to gather a full background of the situation and present the true picture to the court. This process requires critical problem-solving skills and must be acted upon quickly, as the timelines for resolution of these matters are often shorter than those in the criminal context.


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