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ABC NEWS: Sarasota County senior says commencement speech is being 'censored'. First Amendment Law.

"OSPREY, Fla. — Zander Moricz had his graduation and graduation speech on his mind since he started attending Pine View School in Osprey.

"I was elected for the first time freshman year and elected every year since so this is a speech I've actually been thinking about for years," he said.

Dickstein Law Comments on First Amendment Law Case

In order to better understand where the line is between First Amendment rights and a school district's obligations when it comes to graduation speeches, we sat down with Bay area lawyer Jonah Dickstein—who is a member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association.

Have a Question Regarding First Amendment Rights? Please, feel free to contact Dickstein Law Firm, our attorneys are members of the First Amendment Laywers Association.


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