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Legal writing and scholarship are important parts of the practice of law.  Lawyers work for clients, but they also work for all of society to make the legal system work fairly and intelligently.  Mr. Dickstein is committed to advancing the state of the law with compelling legal writing and scholarship.  He has a strong academic background that has prepared him to make a positive impact on our legal system.  He was a high school National Merit Scholar Semifinalist, and excelled academically in college as well, at Wesleyan University.  Mr. Dickstein showed high academic aptitude, particularly in History and Philosophy.  While still in college, he studied Constitutional Law and then became a Constitutional Law teaching assistant.  While at Boston College Law School, he taught his own course in Environmental Law to Boston College undergraduates.  For several years, Mr. Dickstein served as an appeals court staff attorney.  Mr. Dickstein enjoys teaching and working inside the court, but he is committed to be part of the “real world” more than the “ivory tower.”  However, even as a practicing lawyer, Mr. Dickstein still contributes to legal scholarship, publishing articles in law journals, and maintaining relationships with law professors who are advancing the ideas that Mr. Dickstein fights for in court.  It is always necessary to think hard about our fundamental principles and about our history.  The collective mental effort of legal scholarship plays a critical part in bringing the ideals of our justice system to life.

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