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Mr. Dickstein is not about money.  He is about people.  Every dollar is the same, but every person is unique.  We each have one life to life, to make a difference, to help others.  And we can choose who we work for.  Mr. Dickstein believes that when an important and meaningful case comes along, that raises an important issues, he must make it a priority regardless of a client’s financial position.  But he chooses to work with people with good values.  Karma is faith and judgment, and karma is real.  Those without faith and judgment will not succeed in the legal system.  If the representation is meant to be, they money side of things will work.  Dickstein Law does not accept clients without meeting them in person.  Dickstein Law does not accept money until the client has had plenty of opportunity to consider all options, and the client has had time to fully understand all terms of representation.  Mr. Dickstein does not do online advertising.  He is not trying to grow a large law firm with other lawyers working for him.  He wants to focus on a small number of important cases.  The fundamental unit in our society is the individual person.  Not the dollar.

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