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Female Orlando police officer says termination felt like 'court-martial’

Elizabeth Waba-Daniels suing city for gender bias

Suing for Gender Bias

Veteran Orlando police officer Elizabeth Waba-Daniels said her termination Thursday morning felt like a court-martial when her only options were termination or an extended 12 weeks without pay.

“I’m very sad, I felt hollow inside,” the veteran mounted police officer told News 6. “When I said I wanted to return to light duty, he simply read from a memo that I was terminated.”

Waba-Daniels was badly injured when she was thrown from a “difficult” horse while on duty on May 3, 2018.

The injuries were extensive including a labral tear, “a broken back and a prolapse to her bladder.”

“A male (officer) has a broken finger, they get permanent disability,” she said.

Waba-Daniel’s attorneys Jeff Appel and Joe Cline of the Appel Law Firm said the officer’s injury has become the foundation for an “ad hoc application of OPD’s accommodation of officers injured in the line of duty.”

The Tampa law firm is representing several former female OPD officers in similar alleged gender bias cases.


By Mike Holfeld

Investigative Reporter



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