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Dickstein Law is a small business itself.  As such, we understand that there are sometimes “large” complexities with running a “small” business.  Our priority is to give boutique service to other small businesses.  We follow a guiding principle to help keep small business owners out of court.  But when this cannot be avoided, we help protect your rights in Florida through appropriate measures and will vigorously defend a case which might be brought against you or your business.  At Dickstein Law, we also consider and provide advice on litigation which makes “business sense.”  In this economy, few entrepreneurs can afford to waste valuable time and money.

We know the phases and rules of small business litigation, which a normal small business owner might find alien to their normal business practice of doing a good job for fair pay.  Often, we resolve cases through amicable resolutions before litigation ensues.  But if it does, most cases are initiated with a Summons and Complaint.  These documents put the defendant on notice of the facts and legal theories which form the basis for some remedy the plaintiff seeks.  If we pursue a case for you, we will ensure the matter is brought efficiently in the court of proper jurisdiction.  If we defend a case for your business, we will thoroughly investigate the facts with you to determine your best defenses and possible counterclaims (sometimes the best defense is a good offense!).  

An important part of our philosophy is involving the client as part of the litigation team, so that the best possible case or defense is put forward and thus our clients always know where they stand in terms of the litigation.  At Dickstein Law, we take our client’s input very seriously and we find the best results are achieved from a “team approach.”  While there are many court events in most cases, we structure our attorney-client relationship in a way to minimize the interruption of your daily business demands, but also balance that with your involvement to the extent you feel comfortable at every phase in the process.  

While no reasonable lawyer can ever guarantee a certain result, we pledge to develop a strong attorney-client relationship, giving your case the best chance of a reasonable outcome for your business.

Some typical small business cases include but are not limited to:  breach of contract disputes, interference with contracts or prospective business, fraud or misrepresentation, unfair competition, conversion of business property, partnership disputes, non-compete agreements, and matters which require injunctive relief (making someone or some entity do some act or not do some act).

Whatever your matter might involve, we also offer a free consultation for you to evaluate whether Dickstein Law is a good fit for your business.  Give us a call today or send us an email.  We’ll be in touch promptly.

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